Sunday, March 26, 2006

Wake Up "Red" Man

It's because I love Bono so much that I get so sick to my stomach sometimes at the things he does. For someone so smart, how can he do such stupid things?

Really, promoting Nike and Gap, sweatshop criminals and corporate thugs, as part of an anti-poverty campaign, is disgusting and embarassing.

Capitalism cannot solve the problems that Bono wants to solve because capitalism is the problem. Notice how Bono always uses the modifier "extreme" when he talks about ending poverty. This is important, because the economic system that allows people to be as rich as Bono also creates the catastrophe he claims to want to end.

Bono likes to imply that it's first-worldism, a lack of morals, and a lack of money that allow this to continue when in fact it's a lack of an alternative to capitalism.

State-socialism failed, that's clear. But we still need a socialism of the spirit, a communism of the heart, an explicitly libertarian welfare system for the whole world, a global minimum income, universal health care, and an end to the wars that make people think it moral to feed the Pentagon while people starve, not just in Africa, but in New Orleans.

Better Red than Well-read could be our beloved B-man's new slogan. "Make Bono History" is the slogan of the left and the right. His beautiful wife and ballsy band-mates have a conflict of interest, or perhaps, they would help him get a clue.

I'm not burning my records, books, or ticket stubs. I'm not even un-framing any pictures or posters. I am hoping, however, that Bono learns a different kind of savvy and that some lives are saved because of his work, despite its arrogance, despite my disappointment.


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Starrlight said...

So tell me, what is your plan for extreme poverty? You have bashed Bono's but offer no alternatives. THAT makes me sick to my stomach. Arm chair quarterbacks suck, cupcake.

Alyssa said...

Bono has turned into a publicity stunt. Plus, armchair quarterbacks are more helpful than keyboard philanthropists. At least our opinions don't come with unfounded sympathy towards figureheads. Our bodies circulate blood, not "warmfuzzi3z."