Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dangerous little devices

Bono has a love hate relationship with the cell phone. On the one hand, it's the dangerous little device that can end global poverty. On the other hand, if you appear to be calling a friend at a U2 concert on one, Bono might publicly humiliate you! Read more about that controversy!

I know the thing about a Blog is that it's meant to be "blogged" on. This being the one month of the year that my beloved band devoted an entire album to, this being the heart of the third leg of the Vertigo tour, I am going to try to post more often!Meanwhile, what do you think a real U2 blog might look like? Go here and there.

Personally, while I am not a "Christian" in the sense that I think Bono and Beth Maynard are, it's the kind of in-depth articles--pepperred with theological, political, and philosophical discussions--that she links to on her blog that in part motivated me to create this one.

But the setlist blogs are kind of special, too, in archive-geek kind of fashion. I have followed the Vertigo Tour like a dedicated fan might follow a sports team. I check the setlists like the boxscore. When I finally see them again, I will know what to expect, but I want that sense of what the ritual will taste like to the soul of my ears when the pop shaman shouts his hymns of hope and praise, a kind of sacred hedonism few can muster.

(According to Bono at a recent weekday show in Boston, the concert would become a combination of "Saturday night" and "Sunday morning.")

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Beth said...

I was at that show and I remember thinking "Saturday night AND Sunday morning" was the perfect description for U2. Thanks for the link and your kind words; it's nice to see you posting again.